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Multiple Listing Service

Will My House Be On The MLS?

This is a very important question to ask your selling agent as roughly 85% of all homes sold in the United States were sold through and MLS, or Multiple Listing Service. After years of development, the MLS has become the most accurate and up-to-date resource for those looking to purchase a home. This is why many real estate agents rely on the service.

Due to the wide use of the MLS, it is important your home be listed here. There are stringent rules in order to be sure that buyers can be sure the data in the MLS is accurate. One of these rules is that once the listing contract has been signed, the listing agent must place the home on the MLS within 48 hours. This will assure that your home os on the market quickly after you are ready to list.

The MLS is the only service of its kind that can guarentee this level of accuracy and currency. National sites such as and have a lot of listings but are not fed by the MLSs around the country. Because of this they may not have all the listings in the area and will likely not be as current. There are many listings on these sites that have been sold or taken off the market which are still shown as active listings.

When your home is listed with the MLS, it contains the greatest amount of detailed data and information available. For example, even, which gets their listing fed from the MLS, leaves out some of the data and only uses some of it. The one place where all the information about your home is located is the MLS.