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If your home has been on the market and not selling we can offer you access to a much larger untapped market with a Rent to Own sale in the San Diego California area. We understand that along with owning a home comes very large monthly bills; offset those in a much faster and easier manner than you could with a traditional sale with a Rent to Own sale. With a Rent to Own we can get pre-screened, pre-qualified renters/buyers into your property fast.

Here is how we have structured our personalized Rent to own program and how it works. We bring in potential buyers that at this time cannot qualify for a loan.

The financing side of our organization makes sure the buyer will be able to get their affairs in order to procure a loan for a quick purchase, usually less than six months.

Once a negotiated sales and rent price has been agreed upon a purchase contract drawn up by our Real Estate side of our organization California Real Estate Direct.

The renter/buyer deposits a non-refundable negotiated down payment in escrow, usually 1-5% of the agreed upon sales price. If for some reason the renter does not follow through on the purchase, the deposit is yours.

You also will have a rental agreement drawn up with the renters/buyers at the same time. In the rental contract we specifically state that if a payment is over 3 days late a portion of the down payment is now yours and will not be used for the down payment.

This is a close to a guarantee of on time payments as you can get. This is in addition to a regular rental security deposit and late fees.

The best part about our particular structure is there are no upfront fees; the only fee that you pay is to the Realtor when the purchase is completed.

We open up a much larger potential buying market in San Diego California!

In a soft market you are collecting rent and have an executed purchase contract!

The tenants have a vested interest in your property!

We pre-screen all buyers for a fast close!

You do not pay any upfront fees!

California Real Estate Direct has Property Management available!