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Seller FAQs

Whether you are buying or selling, you will always have questions you need anwered. Of course, every situation is different; but here is a list of questions that are commonly asked by individuals looking to sell their home:

Is now the right time to sell? - This depends on the market, which varies depending on where and when you will be selling your home. There are many things to consider about the housing market, such as how many buyers there are as well as how much inventory is available. You also must consider personal issues; such as a relocation for work or other personal changes.

What is a CMA? - CMA stands for Comparative Market Analysis. Your real estate agent will do one or more of these for you in order to compare your home with recently sold homes and homes which are currently listed in order to come up with a listing price. They can also do this for buyers to help them determine the price they should offer for a home.

How long should I wait to sell to get money back out of a home? - Unfortunately, the days of double-digit annual appreciation are behind us. You will generally need to hold on to your home for around eight years, five is very optimistic, in order to regain your costs and maybe even some appreciation. However, real estate is local meaning your area will have it's own rates of appreciation.

What is the correct price to list my home at? - This is something you will need to discuss in detail with you real estate agent. An easy answer to this is to list the home at the price at which it will sell at or below the average Days on Market, or DOM, for homes in the area.

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