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Home Improvements for Resale

What Can I Do to Get Maximum Value From My Home

Determining what impovements to make, if any, to make your home more salable can at times be difficult to determine. This can often times be a function of the current market. You will want ot make somesome improvements to modernize your home or make it more desirable to prospective buyers. It may be beneficial to put in features that are more in demand these days.

Home improvements can vary greatly in price and effort involved, from minor improvements to expensive additions or remodels. Any of the following can be included in improvements to be made in order to increase the value of your home:

Repainting walls
Refinishing floors
Replacing windows
Adding a deck
Countertop replacement
Replacing or refinishing doors
Roof work
Adding room(s)
Improving lighting with fixtures and/or skylights

There are of course a lot more things that can be done but these are some common options. You can spend a little on some repairs or a lot more on others. You can do some or all the work on you own, or hire it out. A Comparative Market Analysis, or CMA, will help you determine which improvements, if any, should be done to help your home sell faster, or for a higher price, or both.

At times, spending $5000 on a kitchen will help you get a buyer sooner and double the amount you spent in the selling price. In general, buyers are more interested in a home that is move in ready and has the features they want rather than needing to start making improvements on the home as soon as they move in.