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Homebuyers Willing to Pay More For Good Schools

According to a new study by®, over 44 percent those who plan to purchase a home in the two years siad they would being willing to pay over their budget by up to 10 percent for a home in their preferred school dostrict.

3/5ths of those surveyed said that school district boundaries have a great impact on their home purchase decision. Almost 9 percent of homebuyers indicated that they would be willing to pay 11 to 20 percent over their budget to get a home in a desirable district. Roughly 17 percent of buyers said they would like to live within a mile of a school so their children could walk there.

In addition, some future homebuyers said they would be willing to give up certain amenities for a good school. Roughly 62 percent said they would give up a pool or spa, 50 percent would give up accessibility to shopping, and almost 44 percent would pass on a bonus room.

“Our survey demonstrates the large impact school boundaries have on those looking to purchase a home,” says Barbara O’Connor, chief marketing officer at Move Inc.

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