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American on the Move as Housing Improves

According to USA Today, more Americans are back on the move due to the strengthening of the housing market as well as the economy as a whole.

Based on data from the nine largest moving companies, the American Moving & Storage Association reported that in January and February, 5.4 percent more households moved this year than last.

Census Bureau data is showing more people on the move as well. Roughly 36.5 million people 1 year and older moved in 2012, with the mover rate last year at 12 percent, up from a record low set in 2011 of 11.6 percent.

On average, Americans move six times during their adult life, according to a survey from moving company Mayflower of 1,020 participant. However, nearly 50 percent of survey participants say they’ve put off moving since the housing downturn.

In fact, of those who delayed moving, 37 percent said their first reason was because of economic instability, followed by 31 percent who said it was because of the housing market.
The Millennial generation, those between ages 18 and 34 years old, are the most likely to consider moving, with about 50 percent saying they’ll consider moving next year, according to the survey.

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