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Am I Priced to Sell?


Pricing Can Make All the Difference in the Sale of Your Home


The answer to this question is dependent on when you ask. When you initially list the home, as the seller you will want to know that the right listing price has been chosen. The goal is to get the the home to sell for the maximum value within the time frame you need it to sell. However, if you ask this question down the road, once it has been on the market for awhile, the answer will be dependent on a new look at the market and the changes that may have occurred since you first listed it.

In the beginning, you will do a couple Comparative Market, or CMAs, in order to come up with the best listing price. Your agent will take recently sold and currently listed homes like yours in the area your home is located and calculate from their selling prices and differences/similarities a listing price.

These CMAs will give you a point to start from but you will now also need to look at the differences between you home and others homes on the market. You need to consider what will appeal to buyers and what may need improvement. Once you have done these comparisons, you will be able to get the appropriate listing price.

It is important to remember that the market is constantly changing. Homes will come on the market; while some get sold, others are removed, and some have changes in price. All of this will be happening simultaneously and continuously. The real estate agent will be keeping up with these changes and inform you if you need to adjust your price based on these changes.

It is imporssible to control the market, but you should be able to respond the the changes startegically. This is what you agent will need to help you with at anytime if you home is "priced to sell."